Majority of San Diego Residents Willing to Pay Huge Tax to Deport All Illegal Aliens

illegal immigrants and taxes

A large percentage of people in San Diego are willing to pay a lot of money in taxes if it means illegal aliens will be deported from their community and out of the United States.

The Federalist Papers Project reports:

POLL: San Diego Residents Willing To Pay $4,000 Extra In Taxes To Deport Illegals

If you buy the liberal media narrative that immigration is somehow a divisive issue, think again.

A new poll done in San Diego shows an overwhelming majority of residents would support a massive tax increase if it would be spent deporting illegal aliens.

The survey shows more than four in five respondents would pay an additional $4,000 per taxpayer to “deport America’s illegal immigrants.” Only fewer than three in ten said they would not.

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Equally telling: 54 percent agree that “people who have entered the United States without proper documentation” should be deported, while only one-third say they shouldn’t.

When it comes to the presidential election, 47 percent side with Donald Trump’s approach, while only 37 percent believe Hillary’s immigration approach is best.

These numbers are huge for Trump and Republicans. If it can be extrapolated to the rest of the country, the GOP has a huge advantage on this issue in November.

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Another equally telling number: 48 percent say that all immigrants – including children born in the United States – should be deported.

The sentiment is probably the same in many U.S. cities but since our media is completely pro-illegal immigration, you never hear about it.


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