MAKES PERFECT SENSE: Gun Sales Have Dropped Since Obama Left Office

Gun sales have dropped noticeably in recent months. The reason will probably be obvious to gun enthusiasts and Second Amendment supporters.

When Obama was in office, there was a constant threat to the Second Amendment. As a result, Obama became one of the best gun salesmen the country has ever seen. Now that Trump is in office, people aren’t as worried anymore.

The Washington Times reports:

Gun dealers face lagging sales with Obama out of White House

The Obama gun run appears to be over, according to the latest statistics, which show background checks for firearms purchases — a rough measure of gun sales — have dropped for three straight months since Donald Trump was elected as president.

Americans were on a 19-month buying streak before the election, but their fervor has cooled a bit.

Second Amendment advocates and those in the industry say sales remain relatively high but that they are working to retool their marketing in a post-Obama world.

Gun control advocates, meanwhile, say pro-gun folks have lost their “bogeyman” in the White House.

About 2.2 million checks were run through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System in February, compared with about 2.6 million in February 2016.

This is temporary bad news for gun dealers.

But the nation breathes a sigh of relief that the Second Amendment is safe again.

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