Man Confronts Elizabeth Warren About Her Free College Plan: “Can I Have My Money Back?” (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren loves to talk about how she is going to provide free college if elected.

Of course, “free” means paid for by taxpayers. It also raises an important question. What about the people who have already paid? Will they get refunds?

One man decided to put this question to the test and asked Warren if he will get back the money he has already spent on his daughter’s education.

The Daily Caller reports:

Dad Confronts Warren On Student Loan Forgiveness: ‘Can I Have My Money Back?’

The father of a college student was seen confronting Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren about her plan to cancel student loan debt in a video that went viral earlier this week.

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The dad chastised Warren over her plan, and got especially heated after the senator and 2020 presidential candidate told him he could not get the money back that he saved to pay for his daughter’s school.

“My daughter is in school. I saved all my money. Am I gonna get my money back?” the dad asked.

“Of course not,” Warren replied.

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“So you’re gonna pay for people who didn’t save any money, but those of us who did the right thing get screwed?” the man asked.

Watch the video below:

This man is right. The people who did the right thing will get screwed.

Democrats sure have a strange sense of fairness.


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