Man Writes “KILL ALL POLICE” on Building in Detroit Then Tries To PLAY THE VICTIM


Violence against police officers has become acceptable in some corners of America and that’s why someone felt comfortable writing such a horrible message on the side of a building in Detroit.

Of course, now that the suspect has been identified, he’s playing the victim card.

FOX 2 Detroit reports:

‘Kill all police’ graffiti suspect claims police abused him, shot his dog

The man accused of writing threatening messages to Detroit police says he was treated poorly during his arrest.

Stuart Lewis was arrested Friday, accused of spray painting “Kill all police, kill James Craig,” on the side of a building.

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The warrant was submitted to the prosecutor’s office Sunday morning.

The prosecutor’s office adjourned it, asking for more evidence and setting the man free.

“That’s letting you know that they didn’t have nothing against me,” Lewis said.

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He actually spoke with FOX 2 on Friday night and he made his disdain for police and Craig well known, though he told FOX 2 he had nothing to do with the graffiti.

When we spoke with him Sunday, he made some serious accusations about how police treated him during the arrest.

“They flash bombed my house, which burned my arm right here,” Lewis said, showing his bandaged elbow. “And they (dragged) me from my front door right here. I was sitting in my living room … then they (dragged) me over the rocks over here down here ..

Even if this man’s claims are true, it doesn’t justify the message written on the wall.

How have we come to this point? Some of the blame goes to Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, the Department of Justice and the media.

They have sat by and allowed police to be branded as racist murderers.

What did they think would happen?


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