MARK LEVIN: Antifa Is A ‘Left Wing Militia’ Which Must Be Taken Down (AUDIO)

Back in the early days of the Tea Party, the liberal media often described the movement as threatening and frightening. Now that left wingers in masks are showing up at various events and causing real violence, the same media types have little to say.

Conservative talk host Mark Levin recently addressed this issue and the silencing of free speech on college campuses. He described Antifa as a left wing militia and strongly suggested something needs to be done about the situation.

From Conservative Review:

Levin: Speech-stomping Antifa blackshirts must be taken down

The statements, of course, come after UC Berkeley shirked its responsibilities as an institution of higher “learning” in the embarrassing Ann Coulter debacle.

But this issue, he added, is much bigger and much more endemic than Ann Coulter … or Heather Mac Donald … or Charles Murray … all of whom had campus speaking engagements shut down by violent leftist mobs in recent weeks.

Levin reiterated his previous calls that California Governor Jerry Brown should have deployed National Guard troops to prevent political violence from these “thugs.”

“A signal needed to be sent across the country to every university and college where these left-wing militias exist,” Levin said. “They need to be taken down.”


What do you think? Is Levin right?

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