Mark Levin Goes Off On Liberal Media: ‘They Push Propaganda For Progressive Ideology’ (VIDEO)

Conservative commentator Mark Levin went on an epic rant on the Sean Hannity show this week. Levin went after the liberal media for pushing a progressive agenda rather than telling things like they really are.

Real Clear Politics has a transcript:

MARK LEVIN: Well, you know, Sean, I will tell you why I wrote this book because the media will not self-police, there is no circumspection, there is no reconsideration, there is no shame.

And there are really no standards left. So it is up to we the people to take a look at the media since the media won’t look at themselves. That wasn’t always the case.

I wrote down a few things here, problems with most of the mass media today. Notice I don’t call them the free press, because they do not even understand what a free press is supposed to be or the history of the press, because they’re destroying a free press.

They commingle news and opinion, pseudo-events. They manufacture events, we spent three days talking about the word nasty. How preposterous. They push propaganda for the progressive ideology.

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AOC is famous, not because she is smart, not because she’s profound, not because she has accomplished anything, but because they want to promote her and her agenda. Social activism, climate change, is there any individual at CNN or MSNBC in the newsrooms who do not push climate change?

There is no diversity of intellectual thought in these newsrooms. None. They have abandoned the pursuit of objectivity for social activism, progressivism, and the Democratic party agenda. And they promote that agenda day in and day out, in fact, they lead it.

Watch the video:

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Levin is correct.

The media has become indistinguishable from the Democratic party because they share the same goals.

Mainly, getting rid of Trump.


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