Mark Levin Rips Mueller In Epic Rant: “Where’s Your Case, Mr. Prosecutor?!” (VIDEO)

Conservative talk host and constitutional scholar Mark Levin appeared on the Sean Hannity show this week and offered an epic rant for the ages. Levin pointed out that the Mueller investigation has completely gone off the rails and has not provided any proof of collusion.

The FOX News Insider has the details:

Levin Targets Mueller: ‘It’s Been 8 Months, Give Us Your Collusion Case’

Constitutional attorney and radio host Mark Levin sounded off on the “crap” dossier that alleged collusion between President Trump and the Russians.

Levin said the “praetorian guard media” is purposefully ignoring the alleged politicization of the Justice Department and mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton.

“The biggest scandal of our lifetimes is staring at us in the face,” Levin said, slamming the Justice Department for focusing on what he considered a fruitless probe into President Trump.

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“[Robert Mueller] is investigating everything but collusion. Where’s you’re case, Mr. Prosecutor?” he said, calling the unverified dossier sourced by an ex-British spy as “35 pages of crap.”

Levin said the media and the left have thrown everything they can at Trump, while duly ignoring allegations against the Clintons.

Watch the video:

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Go Mark!


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