Martha Raddatz Brings Some Reality To Ladies Of The View – There’s No Enthusiasm For Biden (VIDEO)

Martha Raddatz of ABC News appeared on The View this week and gave the ladies a heavy dose of reality.

Raddatz has apparently been traveling the country and speaking directly to voters.

While she has met Democrats and independents who want to see Trump voted out of office, she also found out that there is virtually no excitement for Joe Biden.

News Busters reports:

No Kidding: ABC’s Raddatz Reveals Not ‘A Whole Lot of Enthusiasm for Joe Biden’ Among Voters

After giving debate advice to Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz continued speaking with the liberal hosts of The View about the election on Tuesday’s show. She actually made co-host Joy Behar enraged by admitting that she hasn’t found “a whole lot of enthusiasm for Joe Biden” among voters.

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Here’s the transcript:

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Welcome back. Martha, you went on a 6,000-mile road trip across America to see what was on voters’ minds. What did you find out?

MARTHA RADDATZ: At lot of people are talking about the economy more than anything else. I was very surprised, Whoopi, because COVID when you cross the country, you wouldn’t really know it’s happening. I was really shocked at how few people were wearing masks in certain areas. It’s like I’m tired of this. I’ll just get back doing what I wanted to do before…

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The hard-core Trump voters, some of the people you saw me talking to, they basically say Trump walks on water. Nothing will change their mind. In fact, this morning I called someone I talked to on the road trip about Donald Trump and the tax story. He said good for Donald Trump. As long as it wasn’t illegal, I want the name of his accountant…

“I also found there wasn’t a whole lot of enthusiasm for Joe Biden…

Here’s the video:

People who work in the beltway media live in a massive bubble.

What Martha Raddatz revealed here is completely obvious to millions of Americans.


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