Massive Caravan Of Migrants Headed For U.S. Southern Border In Anticipation Of Biden Presidency

People in Central America are not even waiting for Joe Biden to be sworn in as president, they are already heading to the southern U.S. border in a massive new caravan.

This is happening for a reason. These people clearly believe that under a Democrat president, they are going to be granted access to the United States and they might be right.

Biden has made it pretty clear where he stands on this issue.

The caravan recently broke through a military blockade in Guatemala.

ABC News reports:

Guatemala tries blocking caravan of 9,000 Honduran migrants

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Guatemalan soldiers blocked part of a caravan of as many as 9,000 Honduran migrants Saturday at a point not far from where they entered the country seeking to reach the U.S. border.

The soldiers, many wearing helmets and wielding shields and sticks, formed ranks across a highway in Chiquimula, near the Honduras border, to block the procession of migrants.

Guatemala’s immigration agency distributed a video showing a couple of hundred men scuffling with soldiers, pushing and running through their lines, even as troops held hundreds more back.

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Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei issued a statement calling on Honduran authorities “to contain the mass exit of its inhabitants.” On Friday, the migrants entered Guatemala by pushing past about 2,000 police and soldiers posted at the border; most entered without showing the negative coronavirus test that Guatemala requires.

Take a look at the videos below:

It looks like the word has gone out.

Prepare for this to happen repeatedly and to be called a racist if you criticize it.


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