Massive Republican Turnout In Georgia Primary Suggests A Red Wave Is Coming In November

Republican voter turnout is up. Way up.

The primary that happened in Georgia this week brought out record numbers of Republican voters.

If this is a sign of things to come, and it very well may be, it suggests the midterms in November are going to be very good for Republicans.

Red State reports:

Georgia GOP Turnout Shows the Red Tsunami Is Coming

The number of people turning out for the Georgia primary this week certainly put paid to the Democratic claim about the election law that was passed in 2021. Democrats had falsely claimed that the law was a “Jim Crow” effort to restrict the vote. That was untrue; it even increased the opportunities to vote. But the turnout also showed that Georgians were in no way hindered from voting.

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However, there is an underlying, fascinating number that is worth talking about — the incredible increase in the GOP primary voting numbers.

Republicans up 96 percent and Democrats up 26 percent? That definitely kills the restrictive voting story, since both went up.

But it also shows a remarkable increase for the Republicans that we have to talk more about. Now, a percentage of that is crossover voting — about 7 percent Democrats, who asked for a Republican ballot and voted Republican in an open primary, as my colleague Sarah Lee noted.

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Republican voter participation is up 96 percent!

November is going to be big.


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