“Mattress Mack” Opens Up Mattress Store To Hundreds Of Houston Refugees (VIDEO)

As awful as Hurricane Harvey has been, it has also brought out the best in some people. One business owner in Texas has opened his store to people displaced by the storm.

FOX 4 reports:

Houston’s ‘Mattress Mack’ opens furniture-filled stores to flood victims

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A Houston furniture store owner is being praised after he decided to open his doors to those displaced by Tropical Storm Harvey.

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale opened up two of his showrooms to shelter some of the tens of thousands of people whose homes are now under water.

“We’ve got lots of beds, we’ve got lots of food, we’ve got water and you can even bring your animals,” McIngvale said in a Facebook video Sunday. He even gave out his personal cellphone number and told people, “If you need something, call and we’ll try to get you whatever help we can.”

Mattress Mack’s Twitter photos show dozens of people resting on the display furniture with the message, “If you can safely join us, we invite you for shelter and food. God Bless.”

Here’s a video from CNN:

What a great guy!


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