Maxine Waters Offers Pathetic Excuse For Why Democrats Held Up COVID Relief (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi has already basically admitted that Democrats held up COVID relief because she thought it would hurt Trump politically.

Even Bernie Sanders has admitted it was a mistake.

Now Rep. Maxine Waters is making a ridiculous and lame excuse, and is -of course – trying to blame it all on Republicans.

She just can’t or won’t take responsibility for her party’s despicable behavior.

Townhall reports:

Maxine Waters Gives Insane Defense for Democrats Continuing to Withhold COVID Relief

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“When people say to us, why don’t you negotiate with them? On Coronavirus 19 response and help the people. Why can’t you come to an agreement? Do you understand what we’re dealing with? People who willing to undermine their democracy.

People who claimed to be patriots. People who don’t have respect for the Constitution and you expect us to be able to sit down with them and for them to negotiate with us in good faith? This is awful,” Waters said.

“The world is watching. And I want to tell you while we have been the leader of the world, particularly on democracy and encouraging other countries around the world to become democratic, we have now taken the bloom off our of leadership. It’s absolutely unconscionable and unthinkable that this could be happening,” she added.

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Watch the video below:

And look at this tweet from Waters:

How is this woman still a member of Congress?

She urged people to harass members of the Trump team four years ago and never suffered any consequences.


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