Maxine Waters Pours Gas On The Fire In Minnesota – Newspaper Calls For Her Impeachment And Resignation

Tensions are high in Minnesota, due to the Derek Chauvin trial. People are afraid that if Chauvin is found not guilty, riots will engulf Minnesota once more.

Rep. Maxine Waters traveled to Minnesota this weekend and made things worse.

She made it clear that she wants trouble to follow if things don’t turn out the way protesters want.

Take a look:

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The editors of the New York Post have called for her to be impeached and to resign:

Impeach and remove Maxine Waters

In supporting the second impeachment of President Donald Trump, California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters said he was “inciting” his followers, and was “trying to create a civil war.”

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By her own standards, Maxine Waters should be impeached and removed.

On Sunday in Minnesota, Waters, breaking the law by violating curfew (because “she didn’t agree with it”), said that if ex-police officer Derek Chauvin is not found guilty of murdering George Floyd, “We’ve got to get more confrontational.”

There’s been rioting, looting, graffiti — what did Waters mean by “more confrontational”? In Portland, they set fire to an Apple store. They’re trying to take over government buildings.

Even the judge in the Chauvin case criticized Waters over this. Watch:

Maxine Waters is a disgrace to Congress.

What she did in Minnesota was inexcusable. She should resign.


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