Medal Of Honor Recipient: “WE’RE NOT LISTENING TO CNN – The Clinton News Network!”


Wow! Medal of Honor Recipient Maj. General James E. Livingston launched a full attack on the mainstream media!

Introducing Donald Trump at a rally, General Livingston said,

We’re not listening to CNN – the Clinton News Network. Or the fish wrappers like the New York Times and Washington Post. We’re listening to ourselves! So let’s elect our next commander-in-chief. It’s Donald Trump. Hurrah!”

The crowd went wild!!


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Here’s how General Livingston earned his Medal of Honor, via

Most actions resulting in Medals of Honor are short in duration; Noble Warrior recounts how Livingston earned his during the pitched battle at Dai Do . . .      

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With Company G, 2/4, finding unexpectedly heavy resistance when assaulting Dai Do, Livingston’s Echo Company was ordered to assist. After their first two attacks stalled, he personally led the reserves in a charge that broke the enemy lines. Although wounded twice, Livingston directed his Marines in killing the remaining North Vietnamese Army (NVA) who were fighting from their bunkers. Only 35 of more than 100 Marines remained combat effective. 

Yet the fight was far from finished. Hearing that numerically superior NVA forces had pinned down Company H, 2/4, Livingston moved the remainder of Echo to Hotel’s position where he led the merged companies in yet another charge. After an hour of hand-to-hand fighting, the Marines owned the field . . . for the moment. Later in the day, the reinforced NVA attacked in force, so Livingston ordered supporting fire and smoke in order to bring the Marines out in a phased withdrawal. Wounded for the third time, he was firing at the NVA when two Marines dragged him out.

What a man! What a patriot!


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