Media Already Trying To Spin Migrant ‘Kids In Cages’ For Joe Biden Administration

In the months before the 2020 election, Democrats and the media constantly screamed about kids in cages. It was all done for politics. They wanted to paint Trump as an evil person.

Now the Biden administration has opened a new facility and media outlets are already trying to spin it as something totally different.

The wording has been so carefully chosen, you have to wonder if they used a focus group.

Townhall reports:

‘Kids In Cages’ Are Back But Being Billed as Something Completely Different

Democrats chided President Donald Trump over immigration policies that resulted in holding “kids in cages” and “separating families” at the United States-Mexico border, a claim that lacked nuance. It was something the left repeatedly hammered as inhumane and wrong. But now, just a little more than one month in office and President Joe Biden is continuing with a policy that was first established under President Barack Obama.

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According to The Washington Post, the administration’s “first migrant child facility” is officially open…

From the Washington Post:

As of Sunday, there were about 7,000 children in HHS custody, over 90 percent capacity under pandemic-era requirements, Weber said. Carrizo is expected to close when the pandemic ends, he said.

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“Every kid that comes into this program is a symptom of a broken immigration system,” said Weber, who has worked at HHS since 2012. “So today, we’ve got over 7,000 symptoms of a broken immigration system.”

Weber said the facilities received a bad rap under the Trump administration because many people associated them with the detention centers run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. But the children always received good care and that never wavered between administrations, he said.

Now take a look at this. Are those bars on the windows???

Just amazing isn’t it?


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