Media Calls Trump’s Comments Violent While Ignoring Obama’s Past Statements (VIDEO)

Obama Trump bigot

While the media continues to hyperventilate over everything Donald Trump says, they’re conveniently overlooking past statements from Obama that were much worse.

BizPac Review reports:

Media’s hysterical over Trump’s ‘violent’ comments; here are the top 5 most violent Obama quotes ever

While the mainstream media is hyper-focused on GOP nominee Donald Trump’s alleged “violent” statements, President Obama’s history of violent comments have been ignored.

Trump spoke at a campaign rally Tuesday, where he spoke about the Second Amendment, saying that gun owners should stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president.

Somehow, the mainstream media soon equated the statement to an assassination attempt on Clinton, and thus, hysterical media coverage has ensued.

But, not only has Clinton had far more violent remarks, Obama has as well.

This video is a walk down memory lane and offers an explanation of media bias:

Our media is so dishonest.


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