Media Critic Says Ignoring The Hunter Biden Scandal Was The Worst Thing The Media Did In 2020

The media not only ignored the Hunter Biden scandal, they stood by and said nothing when the New York Post tried to report on it.

It was all done for nakedly political purposes. The media didn’t want to do anything to hurt Joe Biden’s chances in the election.

Joe Concha is a media critic and he says this was the worst thing the media did all year.

He writes at The Hill:

The biggest example of media malfeasance in 2020 is…

The top example of media malfeasance in 2020 is not about how a story was covered but about how it wasn’t. And it’s downright chilling.

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In November – and only after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election – it was revealed by the Biden camp that Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, had been under grand jury investigation for “tax affairs” by the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware.

For the nation’s oldest newspaper and its fourth largest, the New York Post, this was total vindication for the way it was demeaned by traditional and social media for reporting on the story when it mattered: Before the Nov. 3 election in October.

To review, the Post appeared to have the goods: Emails from a laptop provided by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani allegedly belonging to Hunter showing, among other things, a meeting he had arranged between his father and a top executive at a Ukrainian energy company, where Hunter was making a cool $50,000 a month to sit on its board despite never having worked at any energy company.

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The emails were given to Giuliani off a copy of a hard drive by the owner of a computer repair shop in Delaware, who said the laptop was dropped off and never picked up months earlier.

Concha highlights how it was glossed over:

New York Times: “Trump Said to Be Warned That Giuliani Was Conveying Russian Disinformation”

CNN: “The anatomy of the New York Post’s dubious Hunter Biden story”

Washington Post: “The truth behind the Hunter Biden non-scandal”

Over the last four years, the media really destroyed whatever credibility they had left.

Everyone knows what they are now.

They’re just Democrat activists with press badges.


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