Media Dinosaur Dan Rather Claims Trump Is Living In A ‘Fantasy Land’ On CNN (VIDEO)

Dan Rather is the grandfather of fake news so it’s appropriate that he’s appearing on CNN these days. You may recall that he lost his job at CBS News for promoting fake documents to smear George W. Bush.

Now he has taken his tired act on the road to bash Trump.

News Busters reports:

Not a Joke: Dan Rather on ‘Reliable Sources’ Slamming Trump’s ‘Fantasy Land’

Stelter failed to remind his audience that the reason Rather was the “former anchor of the CBS Evening News,” was because he rode a fake news story about President George W. Bush to the destruction of his career and the network’s credibility. And it’s something he still defends to this day. But that didn’t stop Stelter from asking, “as someone who has been covering presidents for decades, have you seen this kind of fantasy land thinking or behavior before?”

“No. We’ve certainly seen behavior we didn’t like in presidents but we’ve never seen anything like this. This is new and I do think that most people get it,” Rather argued. “That most people understand that they’re facing, on a daily basis from the White House and from the President himself, the rough equivalent you’re facing a fertilizer spreader in a windstorm.”

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“Donald Trump, in his mind, you can argue he’s delusional,” Rather added, harkening back to Stelter’s broader theme.

Watch the video:

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Whatever, Dan. It might be time to retire.


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