MEDIA FAIL: Sinking New York Times Is Now Taking DONATIONS

Since the election, the New York Times has been bragging about a surge in subscription sales. But if that’s accurate, why is the company taking large cash donations?

The Hill reports:

Anonymous donor gives NY Times $1M for student subscriptions

An anonymous donor paid $1 million to buy New York Times subscriptions for public school students.

So far, the newspaper’s “sponsor a subscription program” has garnered more than 15,500 donations and provided access to The Times’s website for about 1.3 million students, the newspaper said in a statement Thursday.

With the influx of donations, The Times is planning an expansion of the program, including a series of educational webinars on topics ranging from news literacy to the Supreme Court, among other subjects.

The outreach program comes amid growing tensions between the news media and the Trump administration. The Times has frequently been a target of President Trump’s ire, and is often accused by the White House of reporting “fake news.”

Trump has often referred to the newspaper as “failing” and has claimed it has hemorrhaged subscriptions and revenue as a result of critical coverage of his campaign, presidential transition and administration.

Shouldn’t a company as supposedly successful as the New York Times be able to provide student subscriptions on their own?

Why do they need outside help?

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