Media Service Reuters ‘Fact-Checks’ Obvious Joke Meme About Joe Biden

There is a joke meme floating around on social media which shows Joe Biden being distracted by the music of an ice cream truck.

Anyone with half a brain knows this is a joke the minute they see it, but the news service ‘Reuters’ actually took the time to fact check it.

Do you remember the media being this vigilant about checking false claims about Donald Trump?

Here’s the meme in question. Watch:

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And here’s what Reuters wrote about it:

Fact Check-Video does not show Biden being distracted by music from an ice cream truck

Social media users are sharing a video of U.S. President Joe Biden walking away momentarily during a speech given by U.S. First Lady Jill Biden and claiming that he was distracted by an ice cream truck. The video being shared, however, has been digitally edited to include music usually played by an ice cream truck…

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The original video was posted on C-SPAN (here) on Sept. 10, 2021 with the caption: “President Biden and first lady Jill Biden spoke at Washington, D.C.’s Brookland Middle School about the coronavirus pandemic and keeping children safe. The president urged parents to get their children vaccinated if they were eligible.”

At around the 01:35 mark, Biden can be seen walking out of frame and returning a few seconds later, but no ice cream truck can be seen in the video nor can any music be heard.

Do the folks at Reuters feel a little silly about this fact check? They should.

Is there any wonder why so many people think the media is a joke?


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