Media Watchdog Rips Press For Biased And Overwhelmingly Negative Coverage Of Trump (VIDEO)

Tim Graham is the editor of News Busters, a conservative media watchdog group.

During a recent forum with some other journalists, he broke down the media’s anti-Trump bias.

He ripped them for only caring about speaking truth to power when Trump came into office.

Townhall reports:

Media Watchdog Editor Torches Press: You Guys Care About The Truth NOW Because You Hate Trump

Grab some popcorn. If there is an organization that can and will call the liberal media out on their crap, it’s the Media Research Center, specifically the Newsbusters division. They record a variety of news broadcasts. From the Big Three—CBS, NBC, and ABC, to MSNBC and CNN—this organization records it all.

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They also have all news broadcasts dating back to the 1980s. Those are all on tape, and there are quite a few of them. Full disclosure: I was an intern at Newsbusters and a multimedia reporter for its news division,

See the video below:

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Here’s more from News Busters:

Graham shot down Stelter’s argument about “hate movements” on the right, saying of the need to hold journalists accountable: “I want to say to Brian very seriously, I don’t hate journalists. I don’t want to be part of a hate movement…. Yes, I have a site called NewsBusters. But journalism’s important. Journalism’s important enough that we need to hold it accountable.”

Speaking directly to Stelter, he explained, “And one of the reasons… why we have media watchdog groups is we have these pompous slogans about ‘Democracy dies in darkness’ and ‘The truth is more important than ever.’ Well, why is it more than ever now? Because you don’t like the guy who got elected.”

BRIAN STELTER: Because [Trump is] lying more, Tim. Tim, it’s about the lies.

TIM GRAHAM: Oh, so the Clintons never lied? Is that what we are trying to say? We had eight months of lying about Monica Lewinsky. That was okay?

Here’s the video:

Brian Stelter just doesn’t get it.


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