MEET THE FAR LEFT RADICAL The Democrats Might Put In Charge Of Their Party (VIDEO)


The Democrats suffered tremendous losses on election day. Now, they’re trying to figure out how they’re going to win back working class voters.

They’re also trying to figure out who is going to lead their party. One person on the short list is Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota. Ellison’s politics are very far left. He was recently interviewed by Vice News.

He was very insulting to Donald Trump.

Partial transcript via Real Clear Politics:

KEITH ELLISON: It should never have been this close. Donald Trump is the single worst person ever to win the nomination of a major party. When I say ‘bad person,’ I mean like all the sexist things he said, all the racist things he said. It is just deplorable. Heh, it is deplorable, quite frankly.

Now, I don’t say that about his supporters, but I say it about the way he campaigned in this election…

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I’m not here to talk about what [Hillary Clinton] should have done. I’m trying to do addition and multiplication, not subtraction and division.

Watch the video:

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It’s funny how Ellison says the DNC will be funded by the people.

Powerful liberals just had a secret meeting with George Soros.

Ellison also has past ties to the Nation of Islam.

How is he going to help their party win back working class voters?


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