Megyn Kelly Does Super Awkward Dance In Latest Effort To Boost Ratings (VIDEO)

This was a little weird. Megyn Kelly is clearly throwing caution to the wind as her new show crashes in the ratings. She did a bizarre dance on the show today and it was painful to watch.

Mediaite reports:

Twitter is Perplexed By This Super Awkward Today Clip of Megyn Kelly and Hoda Kotb Dancing

We’ve chronicled a number of Megyn Kelly’s foibles through her first few weeks as host of Megyn Kelly Today. But the former Fox News host might have just hit a new low with a super awkward segment involving another Today host.

At the end of the first segment on her Thursday show, Kelly and Hoda Kotb broke out into a not at all spontaneous dance party for some reason. It happened during a discussion about motherhood, and things that make Kelly and Kotb happy. Kotb invoked her love of music. And all of a sudden, the two morning TV stars were up and dancing to Pitbull’s “I Know You Want Me.” The transition couldn’t have been more clunky.

Watch the video:

Twitter reacted harshly:


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