Megyn Kelly Slams Liberals In Media For Making January 6th Sound Worse Than It Was (AUDIO)

Ever since January 6th, Democrats and the media have overplayed the incident, and tried to compare it to some of the most horrific events in American history.

In one specific case, a former George W. Bush official, went on MSNBC and compared it to the events of September 11th.

During a recent episode of her podcast, Megyn Kelly went off over this.

The Daily Caller reports:

‘No Question’: Megyn Kelly Says Media Exaggerated Violence At Capitol Riot To ‘Make It Worse Than It Actually Was’

Megyn Kelly said Monday that there was no question in her mind the media had exaggerated the violence that occurred during the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

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Kelly said on her podcast — with guest Chrissie Mayr — that although she had been shocked and disheartened by some of the events that day, she believed media intentionally played up the violence that occurred at the riot in an effort to make it appear much worse than it was.

Listen to the audio below – strong language warning:

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Some people agree with Megyn’s assessment.

Meanwhile, a lot of people on the left are freaking out about this. Here’s one example:

Whether you agree with Megyn or not, the media is using January 6th for political leverage.

That’s just a fact.


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