Michelle Malkin: DHS Gave Muslims Tour of Secure Areas in American Airport (VIDEO)

Michelle Malkin DHS

Would you believe the Department of Homeland Security has given behind the scenes tours of an American airport to certain members of the Muslim community? Conservative author and activist Michelle Malkin recently unveiled the details at Conservative Review. Get ready to have your mind blown.

Here’s a partial transcript of the video below:

TSA gropes grandma but lets Somali Muslim leaders see TSA screening process? [VIDEO]

Hi I’m Michelle Malkin for Conservative Review.

It’s time to rename the Department of Homeland Security. DHS really stands for the Department of Homeland Stupidity.

Did you know that while grandmas get groped and Medal of Honor heroes are harassed by airport screeners, Barack Obama’s DHS is giving special behind-the-scenes access tours to Somali Muslims at the Minneapolis-St.Paul airport?

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You can’t make this shinola up! According to Judicial Watch, local Somali leaders were invited to visit the airport’s secure areas and received briefings on passenger screening procedures and operations. Muslim civil rights leaders were asked to suggest “modifications to practices that would allow for operations to be more culturally sensitive.”

Hey, who cares about hijackers and bombers? There are hurt feelings that must be protected!

No other ethnic or religious group has been given the preferential treatment that Somali Muslim leaders in Minnesota have enjoyed from blind and dumb DHS bureaucrats.

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The meetings last year were the result of grievance mongering by local Muslim airline passengers who complained about being “profiled.”

Gee, why would screeners take extra precaution with local Muslim travelers? Could it be the fact that Minneapolis is a rabid breeding ground for Somali jihadists radicalized in the large refugee population?

Could it be that terror group Al Shabaab is dispatching young Muslim male recruits in Minnesota to the Middle East and Africa—and sending them through the Minneapolis St Paul airport to their training camps and killing grounds around the world?

Watch the video:

This is beyond comprehension.

It’s like the DHS is working against national security, not for it.

If we had an honest media, everyone would know about this.


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