Michelle Malkin Goes Off On Obama’s ‘DROOL BUCKET’ Media: Do Your Jobs! (VIDEO)

One of the best things about the end of Obama’s presidency is the end of the Obama loving media. They have basically acted as his gatekeepers for eight years, with the exception of FOX News which is why he can’t stand them.

Conservative writer Michelle Malkin addressed this subject on the Hannity show over the weekend.

From the FOX News Insider:

‘Do Your Jobs!’: Malkin Goes Off on the Mainstream Media

Michelle Malkin joined Sean Hannity tonight to contrast how the mainstream media has treated President-elect Donald Trump with how they covered President Obama for the past eight years.

She said the fawning, uncritical coverage of Obama throughout his presidency amounted to “media malpractice.”

“Good riddance to eight years of Obama’s drool-bucket media,” Malkin said, arguing that anyone who had legitimate questions and criticism of the Obama administration was immediately dismissed.

“Do your jobs!” Malkin said to the press. “Subject these political candidates to the same amount of scrutiny that you are now trying to compensate for with the incoming Trump administration … It’s shameful.”

Watch the video:

Of course, now that Trump will be president the media will go back to having a skeptical and combative relationship with the White House.

Their eight year vacation is over.

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