Michigan Steamrolls Parents With New Rules That Allow Boys in Girls’ Locker Rooms

Transgender Flag

The state of Michigan has duped parents who were concerned about new rules allowing boys to use girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms. It’s a total betrayal of trust based on the left’s new obsession with transgenderism.

The College Fix reported:

Michigan steamrolls over parents, approves rules letting boys in girls’ locker rooms statewide

Earlier this year, Michigan hid a far-reaching plan from parents to let their children choose whichever school restrooms, showers and changing facilities they want – and keep parents in the dark when their kids switched genders at school.

Six months after its plan was exposed, the State Board of Education has ignored the comments of parents who believe in bodily privacy and parental involvement, and steamrolled ahead with its statewide social engineering plan, with some adjustments.

It also includes pseudoscientific claims.

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‘Current interpretation of federal civil rights laws’

The final “statement and guidance” on LGBTQ students was recently approved by the board, the Daily Caller reports, though it hasn’t been announced via press release (its last release is nearly two months old).

However, in language added after the public comment period (denoted in all-caps in the document), the document says “these guidelines are voluntary and should not be considered mandates or requirements” for individual school districts:

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Decisions by districts to utilize this guidance should be made at the local level employing the normal community input process.

The final document does warn schools (in new language as well) they may get in trouble with the feds if they ignore it:

The legal basis for the following recommendations is grounded in the U.S. Department of Education (USED) Office for Civil Rights’ (OCR) interpretation of Title IX.

The left has pushed so hard on this issue yet they don’t understand what’s coming.

Push back.


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