Middle Class Working People Flee California Over High Taxes And Cost Of Living

California’s liberal economic policies are causing many members of the middle class to vote with their feet by leaving the state. This is what leftism ultimately leads to: two classes of people, the very rich and the very poor.

The Daily Caller reports:

Middle Class Workers Are Bailing On California And Making For These Red States

Middle-class families are leaving California in droves and heading for red states as rental prices and gas taxes continue sky rocketing in the Golden State, according to a Wednesday CNBC report.

California’s high housing prices and rising gas prices are driving away what remains of the state’s low income citizens. Those migrating from the coastal state are making way for places like Las Vegas and Arizona, where housing prices are relatively cheap compared to California.

“Lower income Californians are the ones who are leaving, not higher income,” research and consulting firm Beacon Economics partner Christopher Thornberg told CNBC reporters. He based his analysis on U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey data, which show more people moved out of California from 2016 to 2017 than into the state.

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California saw a loss of over 138,000 people in that 12-month period, according to the data, while Texas experienced an uptick of more than 79,000 people.

California could solve this problem very easily, but it would require them to drop their hard left economic policies. As long as Democrats are in control, that’s not likely to happen.



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