Millennials Of Color Didn’t Vote For Hillary: “I Don’t Have Any Loyalty To Democrats”

This appears to be one of the many reasons Hillary lost the election. While Obama inspired young liberal voters, particularly minorities, Hillary got no such love from them.

The Miami Herald reports:

Millennials of color snubbed Hillary Clinton — and have no regrets

What we clearly see in the focus groups is they don’t regret what they did.”

“They” are millennials of color who either didn’t vote or voted third party. And for Cornell Belcher, the president of Brilliant Corners Research & Strategies, who was the pollster for the Democratic National Committee under then-Chairman Howard Dean and for both of Barack Obama’s campaigns for the White House, this makes them the new swing voters the Democratic Party should be trying to win over.

Belcher came to this conclusion after conducting focus groups, commissioned by the Civic Engagement Fund, in Milwaukee and Fort Lauderdale in May. The goal was to find out why young voters who previously voted for Obama either sat out the 2016 election or voted for one of the third-party candidates. The results were sobering…

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And there is pointed ire at the Democratic Party. One participant was particularly blunt. “You’re damn right, I don’t have any loyalty to Democrats,” a person of color said in a focus group in Fort Lauderdale. “If Republicans want to get real about s–t that’s happening in my community, I would vote for every one of them. Then maybe Democrats would take us serious, too.”

Hillary has indicated that she wants to help Democrats campaign in 2018 and possibly 2020 as well. They might want to rethink that strategy.


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