Minneapolis Mayor Booed Out Of Protest For Not Wanting To Defund Police (VIDEO)

The far left has decided that they want to do away with police departments.

It’s an insane idea that is rejected by the vast majority of the American people, but they don’t care.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, who doesn’t want to defund the police, got booed out of a protest for not following the group.

FOX News reports:

Minneapolis mayor booed out of protest after reportedly refusing to defund police

Minneapolis’ Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey was booed out of a protest on Saturday after reportedly refusing to back far-left calls to defund the Minneapolis Police Department — a week after riots and looting tore through the city in the wake of George Floyd’s death in police custody.

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“Go home Jacob, go home,” the demonstrators yelled at the mayor, as others booed and chanted “Shame, shame, shame.”

The angry reaction from the crowd came after Frey said he did not back calls to defund the city’s police force. He is seen walking away slowly as one protester gives him the middle finger and at least one object was thrown at him.

Other video showed Frey being interrogated by protest leaders about whether he would support abolishing or defunding the police. He says he has “been coming to grips with my own brokenness in this situation” and promises to revamp “a systemic racist system.” He says the “police union needs to be put in its place” and police practices reworked.

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But as protesters grow agitated at his answer, the unidentified leader demands a “yes or no” answer, saying: “We don’t want no more police.”

See the videos below:

People on the far left have lost touch with reality.


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