MISSING IN ACTION: Joe Biden Nowhere To Be Found In Battleground States A Week Before Election

The 2022 midterms are just a week away and in the key battleground states, Joe Biden is noticably absent.

It could be that Democrats don’t want his help, given his low approval ratings. It could also be that Joe can’t handle the rigorous task of campaigning in multiple states.

Either way, it looks a little strange, given the fact that his party might get completely washed out next week.

Red State reports:

Where’s Joe? Biden Avoids Battleground States With One Week to Go Before Midterms

You’d think that a sitting president would visit key states before a midterm election, but deeply unpopular Joe Biden is avoiding battleground states like Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada even as he claims this election is “one of the most important… in our lifetime.” Key congressional and gubernatorial races will be decided on election day, November 8, but Biden is staying away…

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They point to the Wall Street Journal:

Of the 14 states with some of the most competitive Senate and governor races, based on ratings from the Cook Political Report, Mr. Biden has visited six since Sept. 1. He hasn’t been to Arizona, Nevada or Georgia, three states with high-profile midterm races that also helped put him in the White House…

As some Democratic candidates keep their distance, he is focusing on official events to promote his agenda, policy speeches at the White House and fundraisers. The approach differs from that of former presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, who both campaigned more during the first midterm election after they took the White House, but their parties still faced heavy losses.

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This issue was recently discussed on FOX News. Watch below:

Joe Biden is a liability to his own party. That’s why he is nowhere to be found.


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