Mitch McConnell Slams Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Reform’ Bill As Democrat Power Grab (VIDEO)

Do you think the government should contribute to political campaigns with your tax dollars? Nancy Pelosi does. Mitch McConnell trashed the ideas in Pelosi’s reform package while exposing the garbage in it.

Hot Air has a partial transcript:

Do you look forward to the bumper stickers, robocalls, attack ads, and campaign mail that descend on the country in seemingly-endless cycles? Speaker Pelosi must think you do, because she wants to you pay for these things with your tax dollars. This bill creates brand-new government subsidies both for political campaign donors and for the campaigns themselves. The federal government would start ‘matching’ political donations the same way some employers match gifts to charity. You would literally be funding attack ads for the candidates you disagree with! …

But they aren’t stopping there. Democrats also want taxpayers on the hook for generous new benefits for federal bureaucrats and government employees. Their bill would make Election Day a new paid holiday for government workers and create an additional, brand-new paid leave benefit of up to six days for any federal bureaucrat who decides they’d like to hang out at the polls during any election.

So this is the Democrats’ plan to ‘restore democracy.’ A brand-new week of paid vacation for every federal employee who’d like to hover around while you cast your ballot. A Washington-based, taxpayer-subsidized clearinghouse for political campaign funding. A political power grab that’s smelling more and more like what it is.

Watch the video:

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Mitch McConnell doesn’t play games. This bill is likely dead in the Senate.


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