Mitch McConnell Smacks Down Reporter’s Tax Reform Question: “I Understand Your Job Is…” (VIDEO)

A reporter asked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a question about the tax reform bill today that was right out of the Democrat playbook. McConnell shut him down with a simple statement. This was epic.

The Washington Free Beacon has the details:

McConnell to Reporter: I Understand ‘Your Job Is to Use the Democratic Talking Points’

McConnell held a press conference shortly after the Senate passed the $1.5 trillion package of tax cuts and tax code revisions in the chamber’s 51-48 vote.

“What do you say to Sen. [Chuck] Schumer [D., N.Y] when he says that you guys are going to rue the day that you pass this bill–that the politics of passing long-term corporate tax cuts with short-term individual cuts is going to catch up to you guys?” a reporter asked.

McConnell cleared his throat and told the reporter he understood his job to “use the Democratic talking points” before explaining why he believes the tax reform bill is good for Americans.

“Look, we believe that this product will do two extremely important things for the country. Number one, provide middle-class with tax relief and number two, provide business changes that make us more competitive,” McConnell said.

Watch the video:

McConnell doesn’t have many moments like this but this one was awesome!


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