Mizzou’s Head Football Coach Rewrites 2A And Bans Gun Ownership For Players

Mizzou's Head Football Coach Rewrites 2A And Bans Ownership For Players

Get the popcorn ready, sit back and enjoy the show! Remember the University of Missouri, at Columbia? Otherwise known around the state at Mizzou? Well, they are certainly developing a reputation for erupting liberal, all over the place. You’re not gonna believe the latest idiocy coming from the mid Missouri campus.

Last year Mizzou made national headlines with eat Melissa Click debacle, and now they are about to gain the second amendment spot light with a football coach that seems to think he can rewrite the constitution, by banning gun ownership. This is gonna be a good one folks. Stay tuned for developing controversy.

FOX Sports released this story.

Missouri football coach Barry Odom has instituted a team policy that prohibits his players from owning handguns, according to Matthew Stevens of The Montgomery Advertiser.


Stevens reports that Odom does not want his players owning handguns, even if they’re obtained legally, while they are members of the Mizzou football team.

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However, Odom clarified that guns used for hunting are separate from the team policy.

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Someone forgot to school the football coach on the 2nd amendment. And while Mizzou may be able to ban guns on campus, there may be a teeny-weeny problem with ownership, overall. And just how is he gonna vet that one? Probably not the smartest move, but it certainly sends a liberal, anti gun message. And if that was his objective, he succeeded.

Oh, maybe we should mention that since the Melissa Click scandal of last year, freshman enrollment is the lowest in 10 years. They closed 4 dorms because of the lack of enrollment, and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna get any better, any time soon.

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