Moderator Chris Wallace Slammed For Bias Against Trump In First 2020 Presidential Debate

Why is every single presidential debate moderated by a liberal journalist? Every four years, Conservatives are forced to sit and watch as a liberal journalist tries to push the debate in the favor of the Democrat while arguing with the Republican candidate.

This year is no different. During the first presidential debate, moderator Chris Wallace, who is a liberal despite the fact that he works for FOX News, repeatedly ran interference for Joe Biden.

Wallace allowed Biden to interrupt Trump, but would jump all over Trump for doing the same.

Wallace even spent over five minutes arguing with Trump over climate change, even though that issue wasn’t even on the agenda.

Opinion writer Eddie Scarry of the Washington Examiner nailed it:

Chris Wallace is a miserable debate moderator

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Chris Wallace was always going to be a terrible choice as a moderator for any of the three presidential debates, let alone the first one, but good God, did he fulfill that destiny with flying colors.

We knew it back in July when Wallace attempted to fact-check President Trump on the accurate claim that former Vice President Joe Biden was on the record committing to defunding police departments. Biden is, in fact, on record committing to that, and yet, Wallace pretended we hadn’t heard it with our own ears.

The Fox News anchor was supposed to show up and moderate a debate, with it having expressly been stated that he wouldn’t operate as a fact-checker, and yet, that’s all he did for at least the first hour of the debate. It got so bad that, at one point, he asked Trump not to interrupt his opponent (there were many fine interruptions on both sides), and when the president asked Wallace to make that same point to Biden, Wallace puffed up his chest to tell Trump that it was actually him doing more interrupting.

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Wallace’s bias did not go unnoticed. Lots of people slammed his performance on Twitter.

Take a look below:

This is satire, but it hits pretty close to home:

Wallace did a terrible job, and Conservative Americans are sick and tired of this same garbage at every debate.


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