Mollie Hemingway: Media Straight-Up Lying In Effort To Take Out Trump (VIDEO)

Mollie Hemingway has become an outstanding media analyst in the age of Trump.

During a recent appearance on FOX News, she talked about how Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech was a unifying message about America and its history, but the media straight-up lied about it.

She’s exactly right. Some media outlets claimed there was racism in the speech, others claimed Trump talked about Confederates, which he didn’t.

Here’s a partial transcript, via Real Clear Politics:

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: I think these polls really are interesting. There’s no question we have a cultural divide between people who think the country is irredeemably evil and those who believe in, sort of, the promise of America.

You are seeing that reflected in many ways. What is noteworthy about it, I think, is that our corporate media exists mostly on one side of that equation. They control a lot of what people think about the news, and how they interpret the news.

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You had on Friday, President Trump gives this speech defending the country and her founding, a very unifying speech about our heroes, our principles, our values.

A lot of people, I think it, really enjoyed that speech and thought this is the type of thing he should be saying. The message he should be putting forth through the election and beyond.

What happened is you have a bunch of people in the media just flat out lie about what that speech says. They claimed that even though he explicitly and repeatedly denounced racism they claim he was espousing it.

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Even though we never mention a single confederate when he was talking about the destruction of statues across the country. They claimed he was. Straight up lying.

Watch the video:

Hemingway is spot on here.

The media has dropped any effort to appear impartial or objective.


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