Mollie Hemingway: Mueller’s Doddering Raises Questions About Who Was Running Investigation (VIDEO)

In the age of Trump, conservative commentator Mollie Hemingway has become a bit of a star on the right and for good reasons.

She recently appeared on FOX News and offered her thoughts about the Mueller hearing.

She made an excellent point.

Here’s a transcript via Real Clear Politics:

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, THE FEDERALIST: The whole premise of today was that the movie would be better than the book. That the Mueller report didn’t do what they wanted to accomplish in book form so if they had visuals it would help people understand the case against the president.

What I don’t think anybody expected was Mueller would present himself as doddering, as lacking command of anything to do with the election and thereby raising a whole host of questions about who actually was in charge of this Mueller investigation. A lot of people just gave it leeway because they respected him and seeing today I don’t think anyone thinks he was in charge.

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It had been previously reported that 13 of his 17 associates were Democrats, 0 were Republicans. Nine were Democratic donors; six were Hillary Clinton donors. Some were pretty close allies of the Clintons. One attended a Hillary Clinton election rally. So what I think you’re going to start seeing many more questions about precisely who was running this investigation and to what end? …

Watch the video:

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Others are asking the same questions.

From Human Events:

Who Wrote the Mueller Report?

We all owe the Democrat Party of America another thank you.

Hot off the backs of making ‘the Squad’ their public faces for the 2020 campaign, Democrats handed President Trump and conservatives another victory today in the form of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congressional committees.

Mueller, as many observers noted, seemed unfamiliar with much of his own report, steadily falling into a pattern of refusing to answer questions, or simply endorsing the findings of the report which has already been public for three months.

After the report’s release, Mueller alongside Attorney General Bill Barr put out a rare joint statement which affirmed the fact that the Special Counsel was not in a position to offer a determination over whether or not President Trump had committed any crimes per the scope of the Russia investigation…

He even said he wasn’t familiar with the opposition research firm (Fusion GPS) retained by anti-Trump Republicans and the Democrat Party/Clinton Campaign.

Democrats really damaged themselves with this hearing.


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