MORNING JOE: Georgia Election An ‘Unmitigated Disaster’ For Democrats (VIDEO)

Morning Joe analyzed the outcome of the Georgia special runoff election today and pretty much got it right. Democrats are claiming they got close but the bottom line is that they did’t win.

Here’s a partial transcript of Morning Joe from Legal Insurrection:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: All the chips were pushed to the middle of the table here. This was a winner-take-all and it was a huge win for Republicans and a big loss for Democrats . . . If you have a young guy like that without a family, he’s not been in the community, he doesn’t live in the community, he doesn’t teach Sunday school or go to the synagogue every Saturday. If he doesn’t coach baseball, if they don’t know who he is, then it’s a lot easier to stick a picture of Nancy Pelosi next to Jon Ossoff and say, oh, if you’re voting for this guy, you’re voting for Nancy Pelosi.

If you get a guy or a woman that’s from the district, that people have seen in worship services for 30 years, that know their families, they’re at the PTA, you know, you get a guy who is a banker, a small community bank that talks, oh, come on now, Jim, you know me, I’m going to represent you, I’m not going to represent that Nancy Pelosi. You know, not even trying to be funny here, it just the truth. And I think that’s one of the Democrats’ biggest challenges coming off the last night.

MARK HALPERIN: It’s an unmitigated disaster for the Democrats who are about an eighth of the way through Donald Trump’s term. We’re an eighth of the way through and to paraphrase Pauline Kale, most of the people in the liberal wing of the party think of course Donald Trump is a disaster, everyone in the country hates him, of course everything is going to be a referendum on him.

Watch the video:

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Pretty much spot on.


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