MOSTLY PEACEFUL: Watch Liberals In Media Repeatedly Try To Downplay Violence In Riots (VIDEO)

Do you remember the way the media covered the Tea Party back in 2010?

They went out of their way to call Tea Party protests dangerous, racist and more.

Now the left is burning down American cities and the media is bending over backwards to excuse it.

News Busters reports:

VIDEO: TV Journalists Defend, Excuse Five Nights of Riots

From the start, TV news media have done their darnedest to paint the riots happening across the country in a positive light. While many journalists have glossed over the widespread violence by relying on misleading characterizations like “mostly peaceful,” others have outright defended and justified the rioting…

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Last Friday MSNBC’s Ali Velshi stood in front of a burning building and absurdly refused to describe the scene as “unruly.” That’s a descriptor more appropriately reserved for a hyper kindergarten class than for felonious arson — but evidently even that soft language was a bridge too far for Velshi: “I want to be clear in how I characterize this. This was, uh, mostly a protest. It is not, generally speaking, unruly. But fires have been started.”

The following evening, CNN’s Don Lemon deemed the riots a “mechanism” for “some sort of change.” The CNN Tonight host fumblingly argued that the kind of rioting unfolding on-screen was “how this country was started,” likening the destruction and looting to the Boston Tea Party…

This video shows multiple instances of people at CNN and MSNBC making excuses:

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In this same fashion, CNN’s Chris Cuomo recently asked why protests need to be peaceful. Take a look:

It’s amazing to watch these hypocrites in action, isn’t it?


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