Mother of Man Who Tried to Assassinate Trump Says He Needs Help (VIDEO)

Michael Sandford AL

The 20 year old British man who tried to assassinate Donald Trump in Las Vegas last month is currently awaiting trial in a Nevada jail cell.

His mother recently appeared on a British TV show to plead on her son’s behalf.

Hot Air reported:

Mother of man who wanted to kill Trump: ‘He needs help, not prison’

Lynne Sanford, the mother of attempted killer Michael Sandford, gave an extended interview to the BBC in which she expressed her shock at what her son had allegedly attempted to do.

Michael Sandford was arrested last month after he tried to grab a police officer’s gun at a Donald Trump rally.

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Sandford, who is British and has been in the U.S. for about 18 months, told police he had driven from California to Las Vegas with the intention of killing Trump. Sandford had even visited a target range the day before the attempt in order to practice shooting.

His mother Lynne Sandford had previously gone to the police because she was concerned about her sons whereabouts.

Eighteen months earlier she had attempted to prevent him from traveling to America but, because he was 18 and an adult, there was no way she could stop him. So when she was awoken by a call from authorities informing her that her son had been located she was relieved. Her relief turned to shock when she found out he had been arrested and was facing a serious prison term for an attempted assassination…

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Michael Sandford is currently in solitary confinement 22-hours-a-day. If convicted he could face up to 30 years in prison.

Watch the video:

Unfortunately for this woman, her son is no longer a child.

He’s a man who did something very stupid and ruined his life. It’s difficult to summon any sympathy.


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