MSNBC Contributor Says That Since Democrats Can’t Run On Economy, They Need To Scare Voters (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch knows that Democrats don’t have a shot in November, so he is advising them to run on fear.

During a recent appearance on the far left network, he actually said this out loud, encouraging Democrats to try to make voters far Republicans.

It’s amazing that this is all they have after two years.

FOX News reports:

Donny Deutsch: Democrats losing on economy, so we need to ‘scare’ voters against ‘racist’ GOP

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, frequent guest Donny Deutsch told Democrats the way they could win back voters in the midterms was to “scare” them into believing Republicans ran on a “heinous” racist platform.

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The former MSNBC host urged Democrats to go on offense by pinning the “replacement theory,” which allegedly inspired the racially-motivated Buffalo shooting, on the Republican Party.

“You take this heinous platform, and you make the Republicans own it. I want to say it again, make the Republicans own it,” he said.

Deutsch advised Democrats to use racism as a scare tactic, amidst a struggling economy and poor polling for President Biden’s leadership.

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“[B]ecause it’s part of who they are at this point, as disgusting as that is. But make it the Republican replacement theory, mainstream it. Because this is the way – you have to scare. We don’t have the economy on our side as Democrats, so you have to scare the bejesus out of people,” he urged.

Deutsch again emphasized his advice to “scare” voters by telling them the “replacement theory” was “the Republican platform.”

Watch the video below:

This is so pathetic.

This is literally all they have. And Deutsch is admitting it out loud.


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