MSNBC Guest Thinks Interviewing White Working-Class Voters Is Racist (VIDEO)

MSNBC is like an alternate universe.

During a recent appearance on Joy Reid’s show, supposed media analyst Eric Boehlert suggested that placing too much emphasis on the opinions of white voters from the midwest is not only dangerous, but racist.

He singled out Trump supporters specifically.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

MSNBC Guest: Interviewing White Working-Class Voters Is Racist

This week on the Sunday news shows: An MSNBC guest argued that the media’s focus on interviewing white working-class voters is “dangerous” and “racist,” a Democratic senator took aim at both sides of the aisle for prejudging the impeachment trial, and another MSNBC guest said that military cadets need to be taught that the “OK” hand symbol is not okay.

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“This obsession, and it goes back to the day after he was inaugurated, this obsession with interviewing white, Midwestern Trump voters and asking them what they think about Trump, it is a dangerous, it is a racist message,” Boehlert said.

“Because the message is, white Republicans are who matter in this country. Their opinions are what really matter. The press invented this beat out of whole cloth after Trump was elected.”

Boehlert said that the opinions of white working-class voters are not news.

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“After impeachment, article after article: ‘Trump voters, what did you think of impeachment?’ What’s the point? That’s not news,” he said. “That’s just not news. And again, I think it’s dangerous and I think it’s frankly racist.”

Watch the video:

Expect more of this kind of talk in the near future.

As it becomes more clear that Trump will be reelected, the far left media will blame racism and worse.

You can bet on it.


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