MSNBC Host Angry That Republicans Aren’t Working To Advance Democrat Agenda (VIDEO)

MSNBC is a far left cable news network. No one disputes this.

Even so, this is a little surprising. Host Stephanie Ruhle recently seemed a little annoyed that Republicans aren’t bending over backwards to advance the agenda of Democrats.

She seems to think this would just be the normal thing for them to do.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

MSNBC Host Outraged Senate Republicans Won’t Pass Democratic Agenda

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle on Wednesday criticized Senate Republicans for opposing Democratic legislation.

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Ruhle dismissed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R., Calif) argument that impeachment has interfered with legislative progress by pointing to the Republican-controlled Senate’s unwillingness to rubber stamp bills passed by House Democrats.

“At this point there are over 300 bills, passed by the Democratic-controlled House, sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk,” Ruhle said. “How on Earth does Kevin McCarthy make that argument?”

Michael Steele, a longtime spokesman for former House speaker John Boehner, said that many of those bills, such as a mandatory $15 minimum wage, have only passed along party-line votes. He said passing legislation with no expectation it would be taken up in the Senate is a common congressional practice, pointing to his own experience working with Boehner when Democrats still controlled the Senate during the Obama administration…

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“Let’s just go back to that for a minute, to the all 300,” Ruhle said. “Why exactly would Republicans not want to pass a bill that makes the ads that we see on Facebook more safe? Why wouldn’t they want to do something on universal background checks which the majority of Americans support? How is that just a Democratic priority?”

Watch the video:

It seems like Ruhle thinks the far left bills House Democrats keep cranking out are just average common sense pieces of legislation.

They are not.

Rep. McCarthy pointed out, a lot of it is just Democrat wish list stuff like gun control.

What interest would any Republican have in that?


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