MSNBC Host Can’t Handle “The Enormous Emotional Toll Of Trumpism”

Poor Joy Reid. The MSNBC host is having a really hard time with the Trump Presidency. And it hasn’t even been one full year yet. How will she maintain her sanity?

She writes at the Daily Beast:

The Enormous Emotional Toll of Trumpism

At a certain point, the distaste becomes exhaustion. Donald Trump’s presence in our national life has been alternately infuriating, embarrassing, revolting, gross and bizarre. His non-stop assaults on our political norms are testing our capacity to sustain constant outrage without giving in to despair.

I meet victims of Trump fatigue everywhere. They stop me in airports and restaurants and on the street and ask how long we’ll have to put up with this madness – when will Bob Mueller finally bring him down, and how much more can our systems bend before they break. When I tell them Trump is likely to clamor on until either the 2018 election slows him down or the 2020 election stops him (or if Russian interference, non-white voter suppression and liberal perfectionism succeed again, ‘til he terms out in 2024), the look on their faces is something akin to terror.

For many Americans – many humans – Trump’s presidency can often feel unbearable.

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Try as you might to put him out of your mind, he blunders back into your consciousness.

The left lost its mind over the 2016 election. They will never get over the loss.


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