MSNBC Host Nicolle Wallace Claims Impeaching Trump Is About America’s National Security (VIDEO)

MSNBC is the ‘car wreck’ of American media.

Do you ever wonder how their hosts deliver their anti-Trump screeds day after day with a straight face?

The latest ridiculous argument for impeachment comes from Nicolle Wallace who is now saying that impeaching Trump is a matter of national security.

Yes, really.

News Busters reports:

MSNBC’s Wallace: Impeaching Trump Is ‘About American National Security’

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Throughout the entire impeachment drama our self-appointed arbiters of truth in the media have dutifully repeated the Democrats’ talking points that this about much more than a mere policy difference.

But as the theory that President’s Trump’s actions could best and solely be explained as a desire for him to get the Ukrainians to investigate Joe Biden succumbed to a lack of provable facts that idea became less and less believable.

On Friday’s special coverage of the Judiciary Committee vote on the articles of impeachment, Nicolle Wallace and Andrea Mitchell let the cat out of the bag that this really is about a policy difference.

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Wallace articulated that Trump’s initial decision led to dead Ukrainian soldiers, an assertion that is almost impossible to prove, because Ukraine is at war and combat deaths are an unfortunate fact of armed conflict regardless of what Trump did.

She then emphatically declared, “This is about American national security. This is about America trying or supposed to stand with the good guys, in this case that’s Ukraine.”

Watch the video:

How does anyone take these people seriously?

Wallace actually thinks Biden can beat Trump in 2020:

She is kidding no one but herself.


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