MSNBC Now Basically Lobbying Democrats To Pack The Supreme Court (VIDEO)

We haven’t heard much about Democrats trying to pack the U.S. Supreme Court lately. Biden has formed a commission to study the matter but doesn’t seem very interested in doing anything about it.

Democrats may have internal polling that shows the issue is a loser.

On MSNBC they haven’t forgotten the issue though, and they want action. They’re basically lobbying the Democrats to get it done.

News Busters reports:

How Corrupt Is MSNBC? The Network Now OPENLY Lobbying to Pack the Supreme Court

When he’s not guest hosting MSNBC’s The Cross Connection, Jason Johnson is a politics and journalism professor at Morgan State University, which does not inspire confidence in the next generation of journalists as he warned on Saturday of “catastrophic implications” of the Supreme Court’s 6-3 conservative balance and condemned Sen. Mitch McConnell for not allowing President Biden to pack the Court.

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Johnson’s monologue was the result of a question from a viewer wondering what “we” have to do to make the Court more “fair and balanced” and representative of the “diverse country in which we live.”

Johnson began by warning viewers that while most of the attention is on President Biden and Congress, “the Court plans to take up an abortion case that can have catastrophic implications for Roe v. Wade and they’re weighing whether or consider a major challenge to affirmative action in college emissions.”

He informed the audience that all that needs to be done to expand the Court is for Congress to pass a law, which has been introduced, but of course that is unlikely, not because it is a naked power grab, but because McConnell is an obstructionist…

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Watch the video below:

All you need to remember about the left is that they want to control everything.

And they’ll stop at nothing to achieve that goal.


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