MSNBC Reporter Complains New Border Wall Will Inconvenience Illegal Immigrants (VIDEO)

Many people who work in liberal media resent the border wall and the very idea of American border security.

Most of them would deny that if asked, but they come right out and say it in other ways.

On MSNBC recently, Jacob Soboroff seemed annoyed that new sections of border wall will frustrate people trying to enter the U.S. illegally.

News Busters reports:

MSNBC’s Soboroff Frets New Wall Will Inconvenience Illegal Immigrants

On Tuesday morning, correspondents on both CNN and MSNBC delivered a negative spin on the 200 miles of new border wall that has been built so far as President Donald Trump was preparing to publicly inspect some of the newly built wall in Arizona.

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While CNN’s John Harwood tried to downplay the significance of the new wall by noting that most of it was replacing a barrier that was already there, MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff went in the opposite direction as he predicted that it would have “drastic effects” as it would “force” illegal immigrants to cross into the U.S. in “more dangerous and deadly territory.”

Here’s what Soboroff says:

SOBOROFF:The bottom line is what this wall will do is going to have drastic effects, and it will make border enforcement along the Southwest border much different. It will force migrants — as has border enforcement strategy along the Southwest border for decades – into more dangerous and deadly territory as they try to cross.

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Here’s the video:

Trump did in fact visit the new sections of wall recently:

This is a fascinating video about the new wall:

Ask yourself why the media disapproves of this.


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