MSNBC Sadly Admits President Trump Really Is Building Border Wall, Even Replacement Wall Is Huge (VIDEO)

Some of Trump’s critics have tried to claim that he hasn’t kept his promises, but even left-wing MSNBC recently admitted that Trump has kept his promise on the southern border wall.

Granted, they were pretty sad when they admitted this.

They were right, however. The wall has been going up all along. MSNBC even showed the pathetic barrier that the wall is replacing.

News Busters reports:

MSNBC Finally Realizes Trump Really Has Built New Border Wall, Freaks Out

Over the past couple of years, much of the liberal media have tried to dismiss President Donald Trump’s new border as not really “new” because there was already a barrier there, even though that barrier was shoddy, ineffective and sorely in need of redesign and replacement.

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On Thursday afternoon. MSNBC host Katy Tur and correspondent Jacob Soboroff admitted the error of their ways as they fretted over the “consequences” of the new and improved border wall.

Here’s the transcript:

SOBOROFF: When we hear people talking about that President Trump “is really only building a handful of miles of new wall, and the rest of it is replacement,” almost in a dismissive way, “It’s just hundreds of miles of replacement — there was already something there.” That something is this. (Soboroff turns around and points to a shoddy-looking barrier.) And they’re replacing it —

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LAIKEN JORDAHL, ANTI-WALL ACTIVIST: With this. … Yeah, this idea that it’s just a replacement, at best, it’s misguided. At worst, it’s a complete flat-out lie. I think people don’t want to give the administration a win on that, but the reality is, the wall’s going up. This notion that it’s not “new” really takes away from the fact that this is ripping Arizona and the rest of the border lands in two.

Watch the video:

Here’s a longer version if you want to watch:

MSNBC may be presenting this as sad news, but Trump supporters don’t see it that way.


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