MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Praises Biden And Democrats Over Ridiculous ‘Putin Price Hike’ Message (VIDEO)

Joe Biden and Democrats are trying to blame Putin’s invasion of Ukraine for the rise in gas prices and inflation.

It’s an absurd talking point because prices have been rising for months.

Even so, the liberal media is embracing it in order to protect Biden and Democrats.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell said the quiet part out loud on the air.

FOX News reports:

Gas prices: MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell praises ‘Putin’s Price Hike’ messaging from Biden, Dems

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MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell offered high marks for President Biden and Democrats as gas prices continue to surge across the country.

On Wednesday’s installment of “Meet the Press Daily,” host Chuck Todd kicked off the panel discussion about how gas prices will be a “potent” issue heading into the 2022 midterms, but Mitchell suggested Democratic lawmakers are becoming optimistic about the “politics” of the moment with the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis.

“It’s a potent one, but I really do think—in talking to members of Congress—that they now see the politics right now, and it may not last, that the American people are behind this,” Mitchell told Todd. “And more likely, are willing to take a hit at the pump. I don’t think it’s been sold adequately.”

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“Well, if it means not bringing war here, right? Like, that’s another way to message it, I might argue,” Todd said.

“Yeah,” Mitchell responded. And ‘Putin’s price hike’ is a great way to message it.”

Mitchell, NBC News’ chief foreign affairs correspondent, argued that when the American people see the “devastating” pictures coming out of Ukraine, particularly the images of civilians being attacked at hospitals, voters are “willing to put up with” the surging prices at the pump, “at least the Democrats in Congress think.”

Here’s the video:

Isn’t it fascinating how the liberal media embraced this false narrative so quickly and willingly?

They’re an extension of the Democrat party.


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