MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Thinks He Was Too Tough On Bill Clinton During The Lewinsky Scandal (VIDEO)

This is pretty funny. Chris Matthews of MSNBC doesn’t have much of a record of being too hard on any Democrats but now he’s claiming he may have been too tough on Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal. That’s rich.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Matthews on Bill Clinton’s Sex Scandals: ‘I Was Too Tough on Clinton’

Chris Matthews expressed regret Friday for being “too tough” on former President Bill Clinton in 1998 when Clinton’s sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky came to light.

On his show “Hardball,” Matthews interrupted Stephanie Ruhle during their discussion on whether Clinton’s “day of reckoning” had come. He interjected to say how tough he was on Bill Clinton at the time, going as far as to say he thinks he might have been too tough on Clinton.

“Has Bill Clinton’s day of reckoning come?” Matthews said. “I think it has.”

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“We do know what happened; we knew the president was honest in his grand jury testimony,” Matthews said.

He asked Ruhle: “What more needs to be said about that at this point all these years later?”

Ruhle contradicted Matthews’ characterization of the scandal as hurting Clinton unfairly.

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Matthews then interrupted Ruhle to push back against hercomments.

“We did?” Matthews asked.

“Well many people did,” Ruhle responded.

Watch the video:

OK, Chris. Whatever you say.


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